Network Coordination


2CENTRE will be promoted throughout the project period with presentations at conferences, seminars and other appropriate occasions and on the project website. A final report will record all the events attended by the project team.




The coordination centre will support members of staff from partner organisations to spend time with other partner organisations to learn about their activities and better collaborate on the project. There is funding to enable potential partners to attend the advisory board meetings to learn abut 2CENTRE and to be able to better plan for membership.


2Centre Logo

LOGO - White backgroundWe have used a stylised star resulting from the white space inside a circle of chevrons. It is used...

  • in place of/to represent the stars of the EU flag


The Coordination Centre will work with the national centres and interested parties to develop the 2CENTRE structure to include the development of terms of reference and good practice regarding the running of the network



The 2Centre network coordination node supports the development of the 2CENTRE network. Mr. Cormac Callanan is Industry Liaison and Mr. Nigel Jones is Law Enforcement Liaison. Their contact details are:


2Centre EC Project FAQ

What is 2Centre? 2CENTRE is an embryonic network of national centres of excellence in cybercrime training, research and education.