Cormac Callanan

Cormac Callanan operates an independent consultancy company from Dublin, Ireland named Aconite Internet Solutions ( which provides expertise in policy development in the speciality area of international cybercrime and Internet security & safety.

Qualified in Computer Science he has over 20 years working experience on international computer networks and 10 years experience in the policy area of illegal content and cybercrime activities on the Internet. He has provided training at Interpol and Europol and to law enforcement agencies around the world on the subject of emerging and developing technologies. Having visited over 45 countries for business, he currently provides consultancy services around the world and works on policy development with the Council of Europe. In 2008, in conjunction with co-author Marco Gercke, he completed a study of best practice guidelines for the cooperation between service providers and law enforcement against cybercrime ( adopted at the 2008 Octopus Conference.

Cormac Callanan was past-president and CEO of INHOPE – the International Association of Internet Hotlines ( During this time the network grew to 30 member hotlines in 27 countries around the world and he successfully achieved financial support of over €3m during this time. INHOPE facilitates and co-ordinates the work of Internet hotlines responding to illegal use and content on the Internet. He co-authored the INHOPE first Global Internet Trend report in 2007 which was a landmark publication for policy makers, governments and Industry on Internet child pornography.

Cormac was founding Chairman of the Internet Service Provider Association of Ireland ( in 1997 which he led for 5 years until February 2003 and served as Secretary General of the European Service Provider Association ( He was founding Director of the Irish service in 1998 responding to reports about illegal child pornography and hate speech on the Internet. In addition to representing INHOPE, he has represented the Irish and European Internet Service Provider’s at Irish government and at EU level.

Following work on international assignment in the USA and Japan, he established the first commercial Internet Services Provider business in Ireland in 1991 - EUnet Ireland – which was sold in 1996. Cormac is a board member of the Copyright Association of Ireland ( He served on the Rightswatch ( UK & Ireland Working Group developing best practice guidelines for Notice and Takedown procedures as they relate to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).