Dissemination - Centre of Excellence Spain


There are four activities relating to development the national centre of excellence and dissemination including CNEC development, Promotion of CNEC, website development and maintenance and project evaluation.

Activity 1 – SPAIN  - CNEC Development

Development of the Spanish National Centre of Excellence on Cybercrime by organising, supporting and controlling the planned activities. This activity also involves the development of all the corporative image of the Centre.

Deliverables  Centre logo and graphic image, Monthly control of project status, Financial report, Final Project Report.COE

Activity 4 – SPAIN – Promotion of the CNEC

In order the centre created through this proposal to be successful, its work should be well known by other L.E. agencies besides Guardia Civil and Cuerpo Nacional de Policia, both inside Spain and also in other European countries. At the same time, the centre work can also be useful for the broad Spanish-speaker community; so two trips to Latin-American countries are scheduled.

Deliverables – New opportunities of collaborations of the Spanish Centre with other LEAs and similar institutions both in Europe and Latin America.

Activity 9 – Website development and maintenance

The Web site will have three main roles: a) it will support the promotion of the Centre and its activities; b) it will serve as a platform for delivering training material; and c) it will provide support for the implementation of the certification program, which relies heavily on the availability of the information through the Web.

The website will serve all the members of the Centre, L.E.A. attending the courses and applying to the certification program, as well as public in general, as any interested person who would be able to find information about cybercrime fighting

Deliverable – A secure website, where general information about the Centre and its activities can be found. Besides the site will support user registration; for registered users, more functionality will be available, like access to the training material.  The service life of this site will naturally extend beyond this project limits, and will continue to be a powerful tool supporting the Centre promotion and activities.

Activity 14 – Project evaluation

The project must be evaluated so opportunities for improvement in future projects can be detected.

Deliverables – The COMJIB will be invited to review the results during the project development, but the evaluation activity will be specially located at the end of the project, in the last 3 months.