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Greek Cybercrime Centre - Overview

Greek Cybercrime CenterThe Greek Cybercrime Center (GCC) is part of an emerging coordinated European effort which has the capacity to significantly improve education and research in the newly growing area of cybercrime. As a national project, GCC seamlessly complements similar national projects.

The objectives of GCC are to:



The Greek Cybercrime Center focuses on creating a constituency of Greek stakeholders in the area of cyber crime and on mobilizing this constituency to work together in education and research areas.

The Advisory Board consists of major Greek stakeholders in the area pertaining:



The Greek Cybercrime Center (GCC) training activities focus on creating a two-pronged training/educational curriculum in the area of cyber crime including:



The Greek Cybercrime Center (GCC) research focuses on state- of-the-art research in the area of cybercrime. Research areas include: BotNet , Detection, Social Network Forensics, Cybercrime Legal Issues and Intrusion Detection Systems for Critical Infrastructures

Greek Contact Details


The primary contact for the GCC is Dr. Nikos P. Frydas, President of SafeNet, who can be contacted at frydas@safenet.org.gr, nfrydas@ieee.org and +30 6944 174 000.

The President of the consortium is Prof. Evangelos Markatos, from FORTH.