Centre of Excellence England


DisseminationProject dissemination and centre establishment are based on several key activities including project management and operation, internal project dissemination newsletter, the creation and management of the ecentre website, the initial project meeting, 2CENTRE Project Liaison, Self-Evaluation and Review. 2CENTRE Project Review, External Peer Review and Primary Project Dissemination Conference



ToolboxThe project will focus on a number of tools to assist cybercrime investigations developed by different partners in the project including a forensic tool to enable rapid searching and matching of multiple mobile phone images using grid computing and the identification and defense against botnet attacks




ecentreThe ECENTRE partners come from all across England from Law Enforcement, Universities and companies including...



ResearchThe project has three major research areas including the definition of standard templates, creation and management of ECENTRE repository and the ECENTRE regional groups needs analysis



Cybercrime Forensics TrainingTraining will fcous on training workshops and master-classes/presentations. The purpose is to determine the most appropriate training stategy for a variety of target audiences and different subjects.




Flag of EnglandThe primary contact for the Centre of Exellence in England (ECENTRE) is Prof Denis Edgar-Nevill in Canterbury University. He can be contacted on...