B-2CENTRE Overview

The B2CENTRE project aims at creating an effective public-private partnership and becoming a regional model for bringing together law enforcement, private industry, and academia to share information to stop emerging cyber threats and mitigate existing ones.


Development and establishment of a working B2CENTRE and dissemination of its activities and initiatives are the main objectives of this project and will be accomplished by several activities: project team meeting and kick off, development



Another important component of our activities is the knowledge transfer. Modular trainings will be developed with the support of the European Centers of Excellence and implemented by the International Cyber Investigation Training Academy.


The exchange of strategic and threat intelligence and good practices is crucial for law enforcement in building successful investigations leading at dismantling the existing criminal groups. In this regard we are looking at creating an early warning system



The correct person to contact in for the B2CENTRE project in Bulgaria is Ms. Albena Spasova,



The B2CENTRE project is transnational and its partners come from law enforcement, business, universities, non-governmental sector.